Water Rate Information

August 2018

The base rate is charged based upon the size of meter that serves your property.  

If your service is outside the District boundaries, then your Base Rate and transmission costs are billed at 1 ½ times the in-District rates.

  Meter Size

Base Rate

  5/8 inch


  3/4 inch


  1 inch


  1 1/2 inch


  2 inch


  3 inch


  4 inch


  6 inch


  8 inch


Water volume that goes through your meter is measured in hundreds of cubic feet (CCF). The variable cost for the water that flows through your meter is $1.47per CCF for the first 8 CCF per month. If you use over 8 CCF, then each additional CCF is billed at $3.66 per CCF.

The wholesale cost for your water, the charge we are billed directly from Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District (HBMWD), is billed to your account at $1.59 per CCF. That is a direct pass through for the actual cost of the water you use and that is reflected on your statement as HBMWD PASS THRU and it will be adjusted each July 1st or when new rates are set by HBMWD. The most recent rate is effective August 1, 2018.

Properties that have an alternate source of water or that are required to have a Double Check Valve are billed a monthly fee of $2.58 for the annual inspection fee of said device.