Request for Generator Equipment Quote

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The McKinleyville Community Service District (MCSD or District) is requesting proposals for two new generators to support the operation of the District’s wastewater pump stations. The two generators are a 60Hz-150kW generator at the Letz Sewer Lift Station and a 60Hz-200Hz generator at the Fischer Road Lift Station. Equipment and services necessary for the design, manufacture, factory testing, and site field testing of a complete and operable on-site emergency generator unit including radiator, exhaust silencer, subbase fuel tank, leak detection system, fuel piping, control panel, battery and charger are included in the attached specification. A separate cost to store the generator for up to 4 months prior to delivery in McKinleyville is requested as an optional proposal.
Questions on the request for equipment quote may be directed to James Henry, MCSD Operations Director, at A site visit can also be arranged with Mr. Henry to collect field measurements to verify that the furnished equipment will fit through existing doorways.
MCSD is requesting proposals to meet the attached equipment specification be submitted to Gregory Orsini, MCSD General Manager, 1656 Sutter Rd./ P.O. Box 2037, McKinleyville, CA 95519, by 3:00 pm June 29, 2018.