Get Caught Being Good at the Hiller Dog Park

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“Get caught being good!”  McKinleyville Community Services District wants to thank and reward responsible dog owners who utilize the Hiller Dog Park.  District Staff have embarked on a campaign to catch dog owners being good at the park, meaning various District staff will be visiting the park regularly, on the lookout for dog owners who follow posted leash rules, clean-up after their dogs (and other dogs too) and who are actively engaged with their dog ensuring that their pet is engaging in courteous behavior while at the park. 

Dog owners who get “caught” will be given a thank you card and an opportunity to be entered into a quarterly drawing for a gift certificate at a local pet store.  In order to be entered into the drawing dog owners will have to agree to be photographed and allow the District to use that photo to recognize them on the MCSD Facebook page.

District staff have received a number of complaints regarding unleashed dogs and problems associated with poorly behaved dogs at the park in recent months.  This campaign is an effort to recognize and emphasize the importance of following the rules of the dog park in order to ensure that the park is safe and enjoyable for everyone.  The Hiller Dog Park is a valuable asset to the community, and MCSD wants to make sure it continues to be a place where dogs and dog owners can socialize in a safe and welcoming setting.

As the Get Caught Being Good campaign gets going, District staff will be responsible for issuing cards and taking photos, however, any community member can catch someone being good and send a photo to the MCSD Parks & Recreation department for posting on Facebook and entry into the drawing.  Community member submissions will require the name and email address of the person submitting the photo as well as the name and email (or phone number) of the individual who got “caught” being a responsible dog owner.

MCSD would like to thank A&L Feed for the donation of our first reward.  The first drawing will be held at the end of September.