Letz Sewer Lift Station Upgrade

The Humboldt Community Services District (HCSD) replaced two 6” and two 3” Gorman Rupp pumps with submersible pumps. The District received a call from them asking if we were interested in their inventory. The District gladly accepted and drove to their site with the dump truck to pick everything up.

MCSD staff sandblasted, primed and painted the pump bodies. The pump interiors were ceramic coated. The rotating assemblies, wear plates and other miscellaneous parts were placed on the shelf for stock.

The Letz Sewer Lift Station had two 4” pumps that needed an upgrade. One of the 4” pumps was removed and replaced with one of the 6” pumps. The motor was upgraded from a 15 hp to a 20 hp, also donated by HCSD. The pump was aligned to match the outlet piping and a suction coupler was fabricated to connect the suction pipe to the pump body. Other than the fabricated suction coupler, all work was done in house using donated materials resulting in a $25,000 dollar cost savings to the District. The pump previously pumped 4.8 hours a day during dry weather flows and currently pumps 1.6 hours per day dry weather flows. Pumping hours decreased 66%.

The efficiency of the pump is priceless when considering the volume it can now pump in the event that the station becomes overwhelmed with inflow and infiltration and could possibly prevent a sanitary sewer overflow.