About Measure B

In 1992, McKinleyville voters approved the Measure B Assessment District with a 20-year duration for the purpose of funding the development and maintenance of public recreation facilities including the McKinleyville Activity Center, Azalea Hall and Hiller Sports Site. The Board authorized collection of the assessments in each year beginning in FY1992/1993.

In 2011, a property owner protest ballot proceeding was conducted pursuant to the provisions of the California Constitution Article XIIID for the levy of annual assessments for the Measure B Maintenance Assessment District -- Renewal for Parks, Open Space, and Recreational Facilities which would replace and extend for another 20-year duration the assessments previously approved by voters in 1992. The proposed assessments were approved by the property owners and the new assessments were levied on the Humboldt County tax rolls for Fiscal Year 2011/2012 (first year’s assessment).

Funds from Measure B are used for the maintenance of existing and future parks and facilities as well as for the construction of the Teen & Community Center next to the McKinleyville Activity Center in Pierson Park.

A copy of the report for the current fiscal year is available for your review.

Measure B Engineer's Report